A common chiropractic marketing mistake is NOT identifying who the marketing is for. “Everyone with a spine” is not a target marketing.

Years ago, I made this mistake when I signed up for Senior Rama. My target marketing was NOT senior citizens. Why in the world would anyone go to Senior Rama who wasn’t targeting senior citizens!?!?

I did it because I was always looking for opportunities to be out in the community and I wanted to grow my practice. Was it a smart choice? NO! It was a total waste of time and money.

When you take the time to identify who you are targeting with your marketing you will create a much clearer (and more effective) message AND you won’t waste time doing things you shouldn’t be doing. That sounds like a win-win to me.

I talk about it more in the video below.

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Jerry Kennedy
Jerry Kennedy

Jerry Kennedy is a chiropractor, podcast host, and founder of BlackSheepDC.com, a community where people-centered chiropractors can connect and grow.