How Strong Is Your Practice?

Take The BSDC Practice Strength Test To Find Out

chiropractic marketing strength test

Rate Your Practice 1-10 In Each Category

Add up your total score to find out your practice strength grade

  1. How would you rate your Business Fundamentals?
  2. How would you rate your Internal Systems?
  3. How would you rate your Website Quality?
  4. How would you rate your Outreach Systems?
  5. How would you rate your Practice Community?
  6. How would you rate your Networking Relationships?
  7. How would you rate your Referral Systems?

What's Your Grade?

Total Score 63-70 = Grade A

Total Score 56-62 = Grade B

Total Score 42-55 = Grade C

Total Score 28-41 = Grade D

Total Score 07-27 = Grade F

Understanding Each Category

Category #1: Business Fundamentals

Business fundamentals are things that are important for every businesses, not just chiropractors. Do you have a budget? Do you understand the needs your target market? Do you know what problem you solve? Do you have a marketing plan? How's your brand?

Category #2: Internal Systems

Internal systems are the things you do specific to your business. What are your hours? How do you answer the phone? What do you do on a patients first day? Do you have systems in place? Is there a method to your madness? How structured is your practice?

Category #3: Quality Website

A quality chiropractic website is BOTH findable and functional. It not only needs to rank well on Google, but it also should people transition from non-patient to patient. Is your website uncluttered? Is your website new patient focused? Does it have a clear next step?

Category #4: Outreach Systems

Your outreach systems are the different channels your practice uses to reach new people. Whether it happens in-person or online, through paid advertising or through word-of-mouth, there should always be new people discovering your practice.

Category #5: Community

Community is about YOUR community. How well are you connecting with YOUR people? Do you connect with them both online and offline? Do your people feel a sense of belonging? Is your community active? How well are you staying in touch with current, past, and future patients?

Category #6: Networking Relationships

Networking relationships are one of the valuable long-term assets for your practice. Business owners, professionals, and leaders in the community don't have to be your patients to be your advocate (referral source). Are you building strong networking relationships in your area?

Category #7: Referral Systems

What are the things you use to proactively get more referrals? Reputation management, referral packets, internal events, condition specific content, and a referral TY system are a few of the possibilities. Are you just letting referrals happen or are you being proactive about them?

Practice Strength Test Grades & Explanation

chiropractic marketing grade a

Total Score 63-70 = Grade A

If your practice is an A, you are the cream of the crop. You are killing it! Congratulations. Your practice is most likely running smoothly and growing quickly. Keep up the good work.

chiropractic marketing grade b

Total Score 56-62 = Grade B

If your practice is a B, your are doing well. Your practice has a excellent foundation, is most likely growing, and is set up for long-term success. If you realized your practice is weak 1 or 2 categories, start taking the steps to strengthen those areas. Overall, good job!

chiropractic marketing grade c

Total Score 42-55 = Grade C

If your practice is a C, you probably experience a lot of ups and downs...good months and bad months. There are some great things about your practice, but you also have some big holes. Identify your problem areas and start working on them one at a time. Don't be afraid to get help.

chiropractic marketing grade d

Total Score 28-41 = Grade D

If you practice is a D, you are probably struggling. Most likely you feel stuck, and are frustrated with life as a chiropractic business owner. Don't try to figure it all out on your own. Get help. Prioritize your biggest problem areas, and build momentum by concentrate on low-hanging fruit first.

chiropractic marketing grade f

Total Score 7-27 = Grade F

If your practice is an F, you are in a desperate situation. Maybe you just started. Maybe you've been out a while, but you are in over your head. Regardless, you have a LOT to learn. Don't try to figure it all out on your own. Get help immediately. Focus on low-cost/no-cost marketing options. Prioritize action steps that can start generating results quickly.

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