Here Are My Recommended Products And Services That Can Help You Grow Your Practice

Business Resources

platinum system chiropractic software

Chiropractic Patient Software

Choosing the wrong patient software is a very frustrating and costly mistake. (I know from personal experience.) Platinum System offers powerful, cost-effective chiropractic software solution that is designed to make your life easier. The training and support you receive are second to none.

If you are in the market for patient software, call Dirk directly at 702-780-5934 or visit their website to schedule a demo.

Marketing Resources

Done-For-You Marketing

Holy Cow Digital offers a robust done-for-you marketing solution for chiropractors. This is NOT just another facebook ads service. This is NOT the typical generic, canned chiropractic marketing. Joel offers a customized marketing approach that goes above and beyond. If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, talk to Joel.

Another name I want to throw out there is Billy from Chiro Candy. Billy works with a lot of chiropractors, and he knows his way around Facebook ads. If you are looking for a done-for-you Facebook ads service, Billy should be on your short list.

aweber logo chiropractic email marketing

Email Marketing

Aweber - In the past, I have used several email marketing services. Aweber is the one I use now and have used the longest.

GetResponse is another great option for email marketing. They are priced a little cheaper than Aweber. Both are good, but the reason I choose Aweber over GetResponse is because Aweber can embed videos into emails much more seamlessly than GetResponse.

chiro signs logo chiropractic marketing

Digital Signage

Improve patient retention, participation, and their overall experience with digital signage. ChiroSign offers a fully managed solution that can be customized to fit your practice philosophy and style. If you are interested in digital signage for your office, I strongly recommend reaching out to Mike at ChiroSign.

evidence based chiropractor logo chiropractic marketing professional networking

Professional Networking

Medical referrals can be an incredible new patient resource. For chiropractors who want to make professional referrals a big part of their marketing plan, Jeff at The Evidence Based Chiropractor has a Monthly MD Referral Program that can help.

Website Resources

bright local seo chiropractic marketing

Better Search Engine Rankings

Why should you care about your directory listings? Well...because Google cares about them. Improve your website SEO by cleaning up your online directory listings. Doing it yourself is a pain. Let Bright Local do it for you.

siteground website hosting chiropractic marketing recommended resources

Website Hosting

Poor quality website hosting is incredibly frustrating! SiteGround is the hosting company I currently use. It has performed well, and I definitely recommend them. If you are self-hosting your website, definitely check them out.

optimizepress theme chiropractic marketing recommended resources

Premium WordPress Themes

OptimizePress is the premium WP theme that I use on my sites. It is extremely flexible, which is my favorite feature. It does everything but churn butter.

If OptimizePress isn't your style, WooThemes is another option. They have many different WP themes that are both stylish and affordable.

wix website builder chiropractic marketing recommended resources

Website Builder

Wix is a great website building option for those who want to build/control their own website, but who don't want the complexities of self-hosting. Wix allows you to build an affordable and attractive website that YOU control.

inception chiropractic marketing website recommended resources

Done-For-You Chiropractic Website

Inception does a great job with chiropractic websites. If you aren't comfortable creating or managing your own website, you should give Dr. Mike a call. He does great work.

Miscellaneous Resources

Content Check:

CopyScape - Original/unique content is important if you want to consistently rank well on Google. This is one of the reasons a canned website isn't the best option long-term. If you want to make sure your content is not copied or stolen, check out CopyScape. 


GotPrint - Printing fliers, handouts, business cards, postcards, signs and banners for your practice can cost a small fortune.  But it doesn't have to.  I have been using for years.  They do a great job and it's extremely affordable.


Dr. Hoy's - Good stuff! It's sort of like Biofreeze, but I like it much better. Also, there is a nice profit margin if you choose to sell it in your office. 

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