chiropractic marketing secret

Chiropractic Marketing Secret

Chiropractors get bombarded with online advertising. Gurus, guru wannabees, online marketers, practice management groups, and countless others are all trying to get chiropractors to pull their wallets out and buy.

Now, I’m not casting stones in my glass house. It’s entirely possible you got connected to BSDC through an online advertisement. But what I do find interesting is the click-bait wording that so many people use.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. If you take a basic copywriting class one of the first things they will talk to you about is using words that provoke emotion. Anytime you are selling something, you want the buyer to get emotionally involved. You want them to think you have the secret…the missing piece. You want them to believe you have cracked the code.

But the truth is that there really aren’t secrets and magic bullets when it comes to success. Successful people most often contribute their success to things like opportunity, perseverance, hard work, failure, relationships, trial and error, good habits, and vision. None of those things are secrets.

In fact, the only successful people who talk cryptically about success are the ones who are selling you a product, service, or coaching program. They are selling you. They are not mentoring you. Don’t get the two confused.

Besides, if someone really had the “secret” to success, they wouldn’t tell you. Heck…they wouldn’t tell anyone. Real coaches and mentors don’t share secrets. They share habits. They share best-practices. They share wisdom from their own failures.

The bottom line is if you know you need help growing your practice the first thing you need to do is stop listening to people who offer you secrets and shortcuts. Get help from people who care more about you than they do their sale. Get help from people who will tell you the truth and encourage you along your way, because there are no secrets.

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Jerry Kennedy is a chiropractor, podcast host, chiropractic coach, and founder of where he provides chiropractic marketing services for relationship-centered chiropractors.