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The BSDC Academy is INCREDIBLE. It's a unique combination of in-depth business/marketing training,  helpful tools, and personalized support. 

Success in the Academy DOES NOT require you to have a particular chiropractic philosophy or add unwanted products/services to your practice. The Academy gives you the training and support you need to get more new patients, improve your retention, and get more referrals, but allow you the freedom to be yourself.

2 Academy Membership Options Available

Instant Access. Nothing Held Back. No Contracts.

Academy ONLY

Membership Option #1

Academy + Accountability

Membership Option #2

A Look Inside The Academy

Included In The Academy:

  • 200+ chiropractic marketing & business trainings videos

Inside the Academy there is a massive library of in-depth trainings covering a wide variety of chiropractic marketing and business topics. The Academy is jammed pack with non-selling, relationship-building marketing tips and trainings for chiropractors. Business fundamentals, retention systems, referral strategies, Websites, SEO, video marketing, webinars, networking, written newsletters, email marketing, patient education, and Facebook marketing are just some of the topics covered. You can have full access to all the training materials. Nothing is held back, and new trainings are added each month.

Business 101

Chiropractic SEO

Optimizing Google

Relationships 101

Facebook Social


Retention 101

External Events

Video Marketing

Marketing 101

Facebook Advertising

Email Marketing

Referrals 101


Print Newsletter

  • Unlimited email & FB group support

The Academy's group design allows chiropractors to get expert advice without paying for a private coach or a practice management group. I am actively involved in the Academy community on a daily basis. I personally answer questions, help you solve problems, and give you the tools you need to be a successful chiropractor.

  • Access to the BSDC Members ONLY group

You are much stronger and more likely to succeed as part of a like-minded group than you are on an island by yourself. The Academy Members ONLY Group is designed to connect members with each other. It’s a great place to get your questions answered, find out what's working for others, and gather new ideas.

  • Personalized Practice/Business Assessment & Recommendations

New Academy members are given the opportunity to fill out a New Member Survey letting me know where they are starting from and what their goals are. I do a personal review of their survey for each member letting them know what to do to get started on the right foot.

  • Website Cleanup & Optimization Tips

Most most chiropractic practices are getting very few patients from the internet. Often it is because their practice website is setup poorly and is cluttered. Inside the Academy there is a detailed, step-by-step website tutorial letting Academy members know which changes they can make to turn their website into a simple, uncluttered New Patient attracting website. 

  • Monthly print patient newsletter to use in your office

A print patient newsletter may seem a bit old-school, but there is some real science behind why chiropractors should still use them. Print patient newsletters can increase both retention and referrals when used and properly implemented.

Inside the Academy, there is a whole system built around using print patient newsletters. The great news…you don’t have to write it. A new, high-quality patient newsletter is created for you each month. Click here to find out more about the monthly print newsletter.

  • Clinic Stat Sheet Template

You can't grow if you don't know. One of the most basic things about running a successful business is tracking your stats. I know there is a lot of fancy software out there that will help chiropractors with this, but I'm a simple man. For years, I tracked my stats on a spreadsheet, and that exact same spreadsheet is available for Academy members to use also. 

  • Optional Monthly Accountability Coaching Call (Upgrade)

There are many reasons why chiropractors don't grow. Sometimes they get overwhelmed. Sometimes they stay busy but aren't very productive. Sometimes they just drag their feet because they are nervous about trying something new. For those reasons and more, accountability often plays an important role in practice growth. For many, a monthly accountability call to help them prioritize and follow through with your goals is the difference between progress and being stuck.

*Monthly accountability calls are NOT included with the standard Academy membership. Monthly accountability calls are an Academy upgrade that is available for those who want it.

Academy FAQ

  • q-iconDo I have to sign a contract to become an Academy member?

    No. The average Academy member sticks around for about 12 months, but the membership is month-to-month. You can stay for however long the Academy is valuable to you.

  • q-iconIs the Academy for evidence-based or subluxation-based DCs?

    The Academy is not based on chiropractic philosophy. The Academy is about smart business and being people-centered. The trainings and principles can be applied to a variety of practice types.

  • q-iconWhat if I have a question or don’t understand something?

    Academy members get support through the Members ONLY group and through email. I personally answer questions, offer clarity, and help point members in the right direction.

My No-Risk Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m incredibly confident in my ability to provide massive value to chiropractors that (if applied) will help them grow. That’s why I STRONGLY encourage you to get off the sidelines and join the Academy. You won’t regret it.

In fact, I’m so sure of that I’m going to make you a deal. If at any point during your first month of membership, you feel like you aren’t getting the value you wanted and that I’m wasting your time, I will refund your money. It’s as simple as that.

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