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The goal of the Black Sheep Chiropractic Podcast is to help chiropractors grow a successful practice and do it in a people-centered way. If that sounds like your cup of tea, this is the chiropractic podcast for you.

social media tips for chiropractors podcast.001

242: Social Media Tips For DCs (chiropractic podcast)

Most chiropractors use social media. It’s a great way to reach new people, and to stay connected to your current people. Over the last several years, social media has changed. Exposure has become harder to come by, so it’s important to use social wisely. In this episode, I talk about the importance of a local…

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241: What Do You Need Right Now? (chiropractic podcast)

As a chiropractor/chiropractic business owner, it is your responsibility to manage your money wisely. Money is oxygen. If you run out of it, YOU DIE. It’s easy to let financial decisions snowball to the point where you are in a situation that you having a hard time getting out of. Too many chiropractors have found…

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underthinking chiropractic podcast

240: Underthinking Your Chiropractic Practice (chiropractic podcast)

Perfectionism, paralysis by analysis…there are lots of ways to describe when a chiropractor overthinks their business and marketing. But is there such a thing as underthinking? I believe so, and I think that a LOT of chiropractors struggle with it. In this episode, I talk about the signs of an underthinking chiropractor. I discuss how…

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239: Reputation Relationships Revenue (chiropractic podcast)

There are a lot of different ways to grow a successful chiropractic practice. Some of them are more flashy than others. The important to note that the foundational things on which success is built are rarely flashy. That’s why they often get overlooked. In this episode, I talk about 3 foundational pieces of a successful…

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chiropractors acting like patients podcast

238: Chiropractors Acting Like Patients? (chiropractic podcast)

If you have been a chiropractor for longer than a minute you know that patients do some really annoying things. They often don’t care about their health. They typically want a quick fix. They rarely change their bad habits. Patients can be really frustrating. In this episode, I talk about some of the annoying things…

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chiropractic new patients podcast

237: Chiropractic New Patients And Flashy Things (chiropractic podcast)

Chiropractors are in a tough spot. The go to school to learn to be a chiropractor, but they have to run a practice in order to be successful. On top of it, there are marketing gurus who prey on chiropractors who need help but don’t know any better. In this episode, I talk about the…

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tiger woods chiropractic podcast

236: Tiger Woods, Chiropractic, & The Ugly Side Of Success (chiropractic podcast)

Tiger Woods has been all the rage the last week. He won his 15th major title. It was his first since 2008 and Tiger’s unceremonial fall from stardom. As I have thought about what his comeback means, I thought it would be interesting to talk about the non-glamourous side of success. In this episode, I…

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235: Taking Your NEXT Step (chiropractic podcast)

It’s common for chiropractors to feel stuck. They aren’t sure what to do or where to go next. It’s frustrating. It’s dangerous to assume that things will get better with time. In many cases that’s true, but only if you are doing things that will take you in the direction you want to go. In…

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online chiropractic marketing podcast joel cowen

234: Let’s Talk Online Marketing With Joel Cowen (chiropractic podcast)

There are more chiropractic marketing opportunities now than ever before. Many of them are online chiropractic marketing opportunities, but the online marketing world is overwhelming to many chiropractors. In this episode, Joel and I talk about online marketing for chiropractors. We discuss some of the common marketing mistakes that chiropractors make, the process of marketing,…

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evidence based chiropractor chiropractic podcast

233: Let’s Talk Chiropractic with Jeff Langmaid (chiropractic podcast)

This podcast is a special one because I get to share a conversation that I had with Jeff Langmaid from The Evidence-Based Chiropractor. Instead of talking about our normal topics, we decided to chat about the profession we both love…chiropractic. In this episode, Jeff and I talk about the extremes of chiropractic. We discuss how…

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