The Black Sheep DC (BSDC) NEXT Step is a month-to-month membership program. Recurring payment are re-billed each month on the day of the month that the membership was started. Memberships dues for established members will never increase. Membership dues are capped at each members signup rate.

Upon completion of first payment, new members will register their unique username and password giving them full access to the Members Only area. Only one username/password is allowed per member. Members are allowed to share their login information with their business partners & staff who are directly involved with their clinic business/marketing practices. Unauthorized sharing of member login information will result in membership termination.

Members can discontinue their membership at any time, for any reason. Memberships are discontinued by notifying BSDC of the desire to discontinue. Membership cancelations are effective immediately upon notification. BSDC does not offer refunds (full or partial) on membership dues.

Upon cancellation:

  • Cancelled members lose access to the Members Only business/marketing trainings.
  • Cancelled members lose access to the Members Only FB group.
  • Cancelled members lose the rights to share/copy/distribute the “Inside Out” written patient newsletter
  • Cancelled members lose their “locked in” membership rate and will be subject to pay any increase in membership rates if they decide to rejoin the Academy.
  • Cancelled members are required to delete any and all materials obtained from the BSDC Members Only area. Materials include but are not limited to marketing material templates, BSDC stat sheet, written newsletters, workbook(s), videos, audios, and photos.

At the core of the BSDC NEXT Step is the community that is made up of it’s members. The highest priority of BSDC is to maintain the integrity, quality and congruency of that community. Because of that, BSDC reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel NEXT Step memberships at any time.