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"Jerry has been a great coach during the last six months...I've seen my practice grow, become more fun, and develop more sustainability."

Dr. Scott Minton, Chiropractor

"Don't make the mistake I did and sit on the side lines for a year. If you are looking for relationship centered chiropractic, Jerry is the real deal!"

Dr. Ryan Pope, Chiropractor

3 Ways To Grow Your Practice

1. The BSDC Business & Marketing Academy

Discover How To Get More New Patients, Improve Retention, & Get More Referrals

The Academy is a unique combination of in-depth business/marketing training,  helpful tools, and personalized support. 

Success in the Academy DOES NOT require you to have a particular chiropractic philosophy or add unwanted products/services to your practice. The Academy gives you the training and support you need to get more new patients, improve your retention, and get more referrals, but allow you the freedom to be yourself. Learn More About The Academy.

2. Masters Chiropractic Coaching

Personalized Chiropractic Coaching For DCs Who Want Help Taking Their Next Step In Practice

Masters coaching is personalized coaching designed to help YOU reach YOUR goals. It is NOT about a cookie-cutter system or trying to make you into someone you don't want to be. Masters coaching is about helping each individual chiropractor grow the practice of THEIR dreams.

If you are interested in Masters coaching, please submit an application today, and we will schedule a free 30-minute session where we can talk about your practice needs/goals. No pressure. We will discuss where you are, where you want to be and go from there. Learn More About Masters Coaching.

3. MORE Chiro Reviews System

Don't Just Hope For More Online Reviews...Start Getting MORE

Online reviews have become a critical part of a successful chiropractic practice. Chiropractors should no longer be asking IF they should be regularly acquiring new reviews but HOW.

For around $1/day, you can have access to the most powerful reputation management system available to chiropractors. You can be the chiropractor in your town who is getting MORE feedback, MORE reviews, and MORE new patients. Learn More About The MORE Chiro Reviews System.

About Dr. Jerry Kennedy

chiropractic marketing for relationship-centered chiropractors

I like to say I’m a nobody from nowhere. Yes, I am a chiropractor…or at least I was for 9 years. Yes, I nerd out on business and marketing. Yes, I like to teach (and talk) more than I like adjusting spines. No, I didn’t close my practice to be a chiropractic coach. In fact, I fought the idea of being a chiropractic coach because my experiences with practice management and chiropractic coaches were so bad. I didn’t want to be THAT guy.

The chiropractic profession is flooded with gurus. You can’t throw a rock without hitting one. These people love to pretend they have the secret formula for success. They love telling you about their million dollar practice, the 500 people that they signed up from a dinner talk, their triple digit PVA, or how they got an unlimited number of patients from the internet without spending a dime. They always make success sound a lot easier than it actually is. That’s NOT me. 

My practice experience tells me that success is very doable, but it’s also a lot of hard work. It requires a willingness to fail. It requires perseverance. It requires grit. If it were easy, every chiropractor would be successful. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but most aren’t.

I was 24-years-old when I started my practice. I didn’t know how to run a business. I didn’t know how to manage money. I didn’t know how to market a chiropractic practice. I didn’t know how to relate to patients. I was a hot mess.

Eventually, I started to figure out the whole “running a chiropractic business” thing thanks to some books, questionable practice management experiences, a variety of business and marketing courses, and a lot of trial and error.  What appealed to me most were the concepts of relationship marketing. Since chiropractic is relational by nature, it makes sense for chiropractors to structure their business and marketing in ways the build strong relationships rather than emphasizing selling and closing.

As I looked around the chiropractic profession, I saw (and still see) an absence of coaches/mentors teaching chiropractors relationship marketing. Sales and closing dominate the space. Personally, I believe that a sales heavy approach to chiropractic business is hurting the profession. It undermines public trust, which is a major problem for chiropractors.

The bottom line is that I thought I could help. I'm not trying to fix chiropractic, or help everyone for that matter. But there are a lot of chiropractors out there (like I was) who want to be relationship-centered with their business and marketing, but they don’t know how. So I created Black Sheep DC. Basically, I wanted to create the resource that I wish would have been around when I first got started. I always say I’m trying to go back in time and help 24-year-old Jerry.

The purpose of Black Sheep DC is to help chiropractors grow successful, relationship-centered practices. If that sounds like your cup of tea, welcome.

Are YOU A Black Sheep DC?

Over the last several years, many people have asked me if I'm THE Black Sheep I gave myself a nickname. NO, I didn't give myself a nickname.

Black Sheep DC is about the community. It's about a particular type of chiropractor who isn't afraid to be unique and stand on their own two feet. You may be a Black Sheep DC and not even know it. No, we all don't all have to be alike, but Black Sheep Chiropractors do have several things in common. I talk about 3 of them in the video. Check it out.

Relationship-Centered Chiropractor (noun)
1. a chiropractor who explicitly recognizes the importance of strong relationships and who cultivates strong relationships with their patients, other practitioners, and their community.

7 Pieces of a Relationship-Centered Practice

chiropractic marketing for relationship-centered chiropractors

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