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"Seen My Practice Grow"

During the last 6 months, I've seen my practice grow, become more fun, and develop more sustainability.

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Dr. Scott Minton


"Don't Make The Mistake"

Great content that covers all aspects of your practice. Don't make the mistake I did and sit on the side lines for a year.

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Dr. Ryan Pope


"Helped Me A Lot"

He has helped me a lot in many aspects of practice. It is a great deal, definitely worth the small price.

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Dr. Tim DeArmond


Your Chiropractic Practice Will Grow But ONLY If YOU Grow

But Here's The Problem...

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NEXT Step members benefit from massive online trainings library and personalized support. NEXT Step helps new chiropractors get started strong, struggling chiropractors get unstuck, and growing chiropractors reach new heights. Join now.

1. Get Access

Step 1

Get unlimited access to ethical, patient-centered marketing & business trainings

2. Get Connected

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Get unlimited support from our myself and our Member's ONLY community

3. Grow Your Practice

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Master new skills and become the most trusted, go-to chiropractor in your area

Included With Your Membership:

Chiropractic Marketing & Business Training Library

Inside NEXT Step there is a massive library of ethical, patient-centered marketing and business trainings for chiropractors. These trainings will give you the knowledge and strategies you need to start reaching new heights

Members have full access to all the training materials. Nothing is held back, and new trainings are added each month.

patient centered chiropractic marketing trainings

Training Categories Include...

rocket chiro marketing training courses business fundamentals

Business Fundamentals

Step 1

Learn how to grow a business and optimize your message.

rocket chiro marketing training courses internal systems

Internal Systems

Step 1

Create systems that help you thrive without all the stress.

rocket chiro marketing training courses quality website

Quality Website

Step 1

Dominate the online space in your local area.

rocket chiro marketing training courses outreach systems

Outreach Systems

Step 1

Connect with future patients both online and offline.

rocket chiro marketing training courses building community

Building Community

Step 1

Create a community of raving fans who love what you do.

rocket chiro marketing training courses networking


Step 1

Get more referrals from other professionals in your area.

rocket chiro marketing training courses referral systems

Referral Systems

Step 1

Implement referral systems to maximize your referrals.

The Members-Only Group

You don't have to grow alone. The Members-ONLY Facebook Group is designed to connect members with each other. It’s a great place to get your questions answered, find out what's working for others, and gather new ideas.

rocket chiro next step members group

The Content Share

No more digging around for content. The Content Share is a place where members can quickly find sharable content to use on social media or in their email newsletter.  

rocket chiro next step members group

Personalized Recommendations

New members can fill out a New Member Survey letting me know about their practice and their growth goals. I provide each member with a personal, in-depth review of their survey giving them my best recommendations about what to do and where to start.

chiropractic marketing to do list

Monthly Print Patient Newsletter

When done right, print patient newsletters increase retention and referrals. Members are trained how to get the most out of a print newsletter, and a new, high-quality print patient newsletter is provided for them each month. 

chiropractic patient newsletter

Unlimited Support

Members get unlimited email and FB group support, so if you have a question...just ask. I personally answer questions, help you solve problems, and give you the tools you need to take your next step in practice.

chiropractic marketing training support

FREE Behind-The-Scenes Tour

NEXT Step Membership FAQ

Q: Do I have to sign a contract to become a member?

No. Membership is month-to-month. You can stay for however long your membership is valuable to you.

Q: Is this for evidence-based or subluxation-based DCs?

Member's success is not based on any particular chiropractic philosophy. The trainings and support are designed to help chiropractors grow a successful, people-centered practice. They can be applied to both evidence-based or subluxation-based approaches.

Q: What if I have a question or don’t understand something in the trainings?

I am available to help whenever needed. Members get unlimited support through email and the Members ONLY group. I personally answer questions, offer clarity, and help point members in the right direction. No worries. You are not alone.

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