102: Joe Rogan Vs Chiropractic (podcast archive)

Recently, Joe Rogan decided to rant about chiropractic on his podcast. (Warning: strong language) Was he right? Was he wrong? I decided to talk it on my podcast this week. Here we go…

First thing…CALM DOWN. It doesn’t matter if Joe Rogan hates chiropractors. People have always hated chiropractors and they always will.

What happened: In the past, Joe Rogan has been skeptical of chiropractic, but recently lashed out against chiropractors proactively. He got all worked up after reading an article called “Chiropractors are Bullshit” and began repeating what he read on his podcast.

Two reactions from chiropractors

– Blindly defend chiropractic
– Attack Joe Rogan

Problem with that

– Chiropractic has problems. Blindly defending it minimizes legitimate concerns/problems.
– Often chiropractic doesn’t need to be defended because chiropractors are the problem.
– Joe Rogan shares his thoughts for a living. We are listening to a process, not a conclusion.
– Joe Rogan has shown to be an open minded person. He will listen to both sides.
– Attacking the person minimizes the concern

What really happened:

– Rogan had a bad experience with a chiropractor
– He felt mislead/duped and is upset about that – mad at chiropractic
– Went looking for confirmation that chiropractic sucks

What he said that was misinformed or wrong

– Chiropractors aren’t doctors
– No science to support it
– Inaccurate and irrelevant history of chiropractic
– They kill people

What he said that was right

– Just like popping your own neck (In some offices, that’s true…sadly)
– Preventative maintenance most important
– He was mismanaged by a chiropractor

Final Thoughts

– It DOESN’T MATTER if one person doesn’t like chiropractors.|
– Chiropractors are typically our own worst enemy and we need to take responsibility.
– Joe Rogan should have a chiropractor on his show. There’s a problem with that. You never know what he’s going to get. It’s the same reason medical professionals don’t like referring to chiropractors. Too much of a gamble.

Something to consider: What if your next new patient was going to report to the world their experience in your office? Would you take care of them differently?

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