More Online Reviews = More New Patients

Did you know 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017?
Did you also know consumers read an average of 7 reviews before trusting a business?

85% Of People Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

Online reviews have become a critical part of a successful chiropractic practice. Chiropractors should no longer be asking IF they should be regularly acquiring new reviews but HOW.

For around $1/day, you can have access to the most powerful reputation management system available to chiropractors. You can be the chiropractor in your town who is getting MORE feedback, MORE reviews, and MORE new patients. 

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Get MORE New Patients

The bottom line is that the GMR system will help you get MORE new patients and that's really what most chiropractors want.

MORE reviews will help MORE people find you. MORE reviews will help build trust quicker. Finding you and trusting you are the steps that lead to new patients. MORE feedback from your patients will help you improve your business and help you improve retention. Here's how...

It starts with an email

The platform sends a customized email to begin the feedback process after you enter your patient’s email address. Simple, fast and easy.

Emails can be entered manually by your staff or by your patients using the Kiosk Mode. The Kiosk Mode allows you to request feedback from your patients on-site. It will NOT ask your patients to log in and leave an online review on site. It will collect an on-site review and follow up with your online review links via email.

Patients Give Feedback

The patient is asked to rate how likely they are to refer you to a friend and to comment on their experience.  This rating process helps form your Net Promoter Score, a key indicator and data point to your practice and patient relationship.

Patients who rate you highly (you set the rating criteria) will then be asked to consider reviewing your practice on one of the important review sites you have selected for your account.  Poor patient experiences are captured privately so you can follow-up with the patient to resolve their issue.

Encourage Online Reviews

Patients who rate you at or above your selected “positive rating” will then be asked to rate you on one of the 3rd party review sites you have selected.

This step offers direct links to your Google reviews, Facebook page and dozens of other business profile pages and review sites so they can easily review your practice. Generating a steady and consistent stream of online customer reviews is important for your online reputation.

Display Positive Reviews On Your Website

Our testimonial widget makes displaying powerful patient testimonials on your website easy.  Just copy and paste the widget code into any page or section of your website and you have fresh, relevant and valuable content from your customers on your website.

Our platform allows for manual control of the testimonials or you can automatically set for feedback above a specific rating score (example: 8 or above) to display on your widget and website.

Review Monitoring & Reporting

With GMR you truly have one platform to manage your online review reputation.  Your practice benefits from multiple levels of feedback, encouragement of positive online reviews and an easy to manage dashboard whether you run just 1 or 1,000 locations.

Stop guessing and hoping for satisfied patients and ensure you are meeting their needs and growing the sharing of their experience with your practice.

Improve Your Search Rankings (SEO)

  • Unique Content – That you don’t even have to write!
  • Search Engine results for “Your Practice Name + Reviews”
  • Star Rating shows in search results – Visual advantage over your competitors
  • Long Tail Keywords – You may have not thought about yourself
  • Google algorithm favors websites with more reviews


I'm ready to get MORE Online Reviews

No Setup Fees. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.