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Practice Like a BOSS (Podcast ep85)

One of the things you will see amongst successful chiropractors is that they practice like a BOSS. Young chiropractors are thrown into the practice world without any business or marketing knowledge. They "just want to adjust patients" but that's NOT the reality for the vast majority of chiropractors. If you are going to be successful, you have to own the fact that you are in charge and then start acting like it.

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about how most chiropractors have an employee mindset. i discuss why there is such a huge fail rate amongst chiropractors and what is even worse than failing. I then talk about why it's so important for chiropractors to practice like a BOSS and give a few quick tips on how to start that process. Enjoy.

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Jerry Kennedy

Jerry Kennedy is a chiropractor, host of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast and the founder of where he provides chiropractic marketing tips for relationship-centered chiropractors.