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Get More Online Reviews (Podcast ep96)

Online reviews have become a necessary thing for chiropractors these days. Prospective patients are searching for their next chiropractor online and they care about what others are saying. Even your patients who were referred will most likely research you online before making an appointment. If they find no reviews or unfavorable reviews, they very well could go somewhere else.

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about online reviews. I discuss 5 simple tips to getting more online reviews from your chiropractic patients. I talk about the best way to ask, ways to make it easy, the necessity of followup and the importance of gratitude. I also discuss how to create review opportunities. Enjoy.

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About The Author

Jerry Kennedy

Jerry Kennedy is a chiropractor, host of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast and the founder of where he provides chiropractic marketing tips for relationship-centered chiropractors.