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Any Chiro looking to grow or improve their day to day can take multiple things from the academy no matter where they are in practice. You are much appreciated Jerry!

Dr. Adam Love, Love Chiropractic

I've been a member for only a couple months now, but am so impressed! Jerry goes above and beyond, consistently, to help out members...way more than I ever expected.

Dr. Byron Mackay, Transform Chiropractic

Chiropractic Marketing For Relationships-Centered DCs

Welcome To BSDC!

Tired of all the chiropractic marketing hype? Don't think you should have to "close patients" or sell them high-priced care plans in order to be successful? don't. 

Chiropractors are in the people business.  Here at Black Sheep DC you will discover ways to grow a profitable practice by connecting with people and building relationships. Let's get started! 

The Good Stuff. Relationship-Marketing For Chiropractors.

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About Jerry Kennedy

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I'm a nobody from nowhere. I’m not the world's highest paid chiropractic marketing expert. I have never racked in 80 new patients from a dinner talk. I have never seen a thousand patients in a week (nor did I ever want to).

However, I am a chiropractor, I love chiropractic, and I spent 9 years operating a successful chiropractic practice. I’m also a bit of a relationship marketing nerd. I understand chiropractic patients. I know why they start care. I know why they choose to stick around, and I know why they leave. That information is incredibly valuable for chiropractors looking to grow a successful, people-centered practice.

 In 2015, I started Black Sheep DC to share chiropractic marketing tips that are relationship-centered. BSDC is designed to help chiropractors grow their practice by connecting with people and building relationships. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you will love the BSDC community. Welcome. 

About The Academy

Typically, chiropractic colleges and most associateships teach chiropractors about chiropractic. They DO NOT prepare them to run a successful business, nor do they teach chiropractors how to effectively communicate with the general public.

As a results...chiropractors who should be thriving end up struggling to survive. Even worse, many chiropractors fail. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Maybe you have never realized it, but chiropractors are in the people business. In order for you to be successful as a chiropractor, you need to understand both PEOPLE and BUSINESS. That is exactly what the Academy was designed to do.

The BSDC Academy is a Members ONLY community for chiropractors looking to grow a profitable, people-centered practice. It is a unique combination of chiropractic marketing/business training,  tools, and support. 

Success in the Academy DOES NOT require you to have a particular chiropractic philosophy or add unwanted products/services to your practice. The Academy is designed to help you get more new patients, improve your retention, and get more referrals, but allow you the freedom to be yourself.

 For about the price of your daily cup of coffee, you can join this incredible community of relationship-centered chiropractors and start growing TODAY! Let's get started! 

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The Black Sheep DC Creed

The BSDC Creed defines what it is to be relationship-centered. It's NOT a money-making's a way of being. It can't be faked. It has to be genuine. Are you committed to being a relationship-centered chiropractor?

Be you. You won’t be happy being anyone else. — Get started. You won’t ever grow if you don’t ever go. — Focus on progress NOT perfection. No one is perfect. — Never stop failing. If you stop failing, you have stopped trying. — Learn from your mistakes. No sense in repeating them. — Enjoy the journey. Life is not a destination. — Be present. You only have one TODAY. — Ask questions.You don’t know everything. — Listen. You may learn something. —Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to do it alone. — Don’t worry. It doesn’t help. — Ignore the haters. — Trust your gut. If it doesn’t seem right, it’s probably not. — Take care of yourself. Give your mind, body and soul what it needs to thrive. - Celebrate your wins. — Prioritize your family. They are often overlooked. — Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be humble. — Have fun. Laugh a lot. — Work hard. — Be known for excellence. Anything you do, do well. — Value your time. You can’t ever get it back. — Exceed expectations. — Always tell the truth. Do not minimize or exaggerate. — Build relationships. Always look for ways to help others. — Give value first. Give value often. — Be consistent. Slow and steady wins the race. — Control your $ instead of letting $ control you. — Leave your comfort zone. Growth is often uncomfortable. — Take risks. — Be courageous. — Make a difference. —  Don’t quit. — Live with Purpose.